Alliance Council:

     The Alliance Council takes place in the morning before Althings. This Council is in contact all year. It is a major advisory body to the High Chieftain.

Conclave of Chiefs:

  • The conclave creates Chiefs with permission of High Chieftain(s).
  • A candidate for High Chieftain must be acceptable to Conclave of Chiefs.
  • The Conclave makes sure Freehold material has not been corrupted.
  • The Conclave also deals with discipline of Chiefs.

Powers of the Allthing

     Make Laws for the Alliance, any regular business, Give out awards, and take any disciplinary action.

Laws Enacted by the Althing

     These Laws were mostly things that were not covered by the leadership structure and a rule needed to be put in place.

  1. At a scheduled Althing, quorum is equal to Ten (10) members with 3 separate holds represented.. But for an Amendment to the Laws or to delete a Law there must be 25% of total membership at an Althing or a mailing. (S-1979) (S-2006) (There must be a polling of 25% of the membership to delete or amend any Laws, quorum for regular business.)

  2. Chieftains shall rule a Hold. They are answerable to the Chiefs and High Chieftains. (S-1981) (Power of Authority is High Chieftain, Chiefs and Chieftains rule their own holds)

  3. The High Chieftains are the Rulers of the Freehold. The Chiefs are Deputies, Teachers, and Advisors. (S-1981) (The High Chieftains are the rulers of the organization and final authority. The Chiefs are the –Deputy- High Chieftains and have authority over Chieftains but, are primarily Teachers and Advisors.)

  4. To promote better government a Winter Althing shall be instituted. (S-1981) (A second Althing was started when it made it easier to institute Freehold policy. Current policy is to have it in the Two main areas of the Freehold. Atenvelt and Caid and the two wars are the best places.)

  5. One must always be courteous to all Ranks. Ideally at Freehold events only Freehold titles shall be used. (S-1982) (At a Freehold sponsored event only Freehold titles are used, Whereas since most events we are at are SCA, as an honorable people we must be courteous to everyone and use their proper ranking.)

  6. All Holds shall schedule and run workshops during the year. (S-1984) (This makes sure that if a project needs to happen it will. It also makes sure there is no stagnation.)

  7. We are to grow and co-exist with the SCA. We are to unify and not disrupt. (S-1984) (We exist because of the SCA and work within the SCA. We are to work and co-exist and help, unify, hold offices, get awards and not to disrupt the SCA.)

  8. If the High Chieftains are not available to make a major decision and one must be made then an Althing polling shall be made to make the decision. (S-1984) (If for some reason a major decision about the Freehold must be made and the High Chieftain is for some reason not available for a period of time over two weeks, then a polling must be made and majority rules.)

  9. Thane is only to be used if you are a Baron and rule or have ruled the Freehold. You must otherwise use Baron. (W-1984) (At one point we had over 8 Thanes due to Court Baron Titles. It was supposed to be a rare title but Freehold people did well in this. So it was decided that Baron is Baron unless you have or are ruling the Freehold.)

  10. Freehold members must take care of one another just like family. (S-1988) (Put in because some holds were acting as if they were better than others and didn’t take care of each other.)

  11. The Jolly Ziegfried is the Symbol of the Freehold. If there are times that some other symbol must be used the Sword of Ziggy may be used. (W-2001) (Due to Social problems with societies assumption about the meaning of Ziggy, to provide a safety buffer a second device was voted on and made a legal part of the Freehold.)