D&D Role Playing
Character Sheets

Greetings and welcome to my land of fantasy. I at times indulge myself by playing various characters in a variety of chat rooms set up for role playing. Since I still like to work with in the Dungons and Dragons frame work, here are the character sheets and backgrounds of a few of the characters I play. They are for the most part in complance with D&D 3rd edition but I have taken a DM's license in their creation. These characters would be NPC if encountered in a real game instead of a chat room.

      I have attempted to create an html character sheet for 3rd edition D&D that anyone can download and use for their characters. I make no guarantees as to how it will perform for you or even if you will have the background to use it. I strongly suggest that you use a text editor like notepad to edit it but if you must use an editor or composer like Netscape or MS word then be prepared to see some problems. I have added comments to many of the lines for my own use and so that the various tables will be less confusing, however on some editors like Netscape 4.7 those comments cause the new cells to be created to contain them. Not what I intended. So of course when you save from there you keep the unwanted cells.

      This character sheet has also made an attempt to incorporate some of the Epic Level options. Since some of my characters are above 20th level it was desirable to do this. If you don’t need those options you can ignore them for the most part.

      Once again this is free. There is no tech support for it. If you see a problem then fix it for your self. If you feel like letting me know about it, great, I look in to it the next time I need to do something with the sheet but there are no guarantees as to when or even if they will be corrected.

Character Sheet.zip